Zen is being out with my camera…time stands still and there is only the now.

Photography found me late in life, and I passionately embraced it from the first day.

It has opened my eyes, expanded my mind, and vitalized my life.

I am a native Oregonian and most of my work is inspired by the amazing diversity of the beautiful area where I live. I am primarily drawn to nature as a subject, but also love textures, patterns, and architecture. Simplicity is a dominant characteristic of my photos.

My photography is a diary of my engagement with the world. Each photo is a moment in my life. I invite you to view the world as I see it through my eyes, heart, and spirit.


"Once we start looking at life through a camera lens, something calm and centering comes over us. We stop worrying about the past or the future as we immerse ourselves in the present moment, which is the only place we can be when we're seeing photographically." - Jan Phillips